Saturday, 25 January 2014

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"Tulips in a Milk Bottle"
8" x 6" - Oil on Canvas
$90 Unframed

I bought these tulips on the same day that I purchased the primulas, so I thought that I had best get them painted before they expired!  I've had a couple of Avalon glass milk bottles kicking around for awhile now.  They are actually from whipping cream, not milk, so not quite as tall.  Definitely a fun shape to paint.

Well, this painting was a bit of an exercise in frustration!!  The tulips were fun to paint (except for the one in shadow), the milk bottle was REALLY fun to paint.  The background, NOT SO MUCH!   Originally I had a lime green cloth on the far right side, but it just wasn't working.  The contrasts were competing too much with the flowers and the milk bottle.  I also realized that I had positioned the fold where the colours of the cloths changed to far to the left and it felt like it was in the middle of the painting.  After a couple of "wipes", I came up with something that I feel works and called it a day.  Lesson of the day . . .don't give up!  I was happy with the looseness of the tulips and the milk bottle .  My apologies for the bit of glare that is in the shadows.

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