Sunday, 19 January 2014

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"Brown Baggin' It"
6" x 12" - Oil on Panel
My intentions were good today.  Since I had to work all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to paint, I thought that I would get myself all caught up this afternoon.  NOT!

I figured this subject would be a piece of cake.  I have painted persimmons before and I have painted bags before, but  I have never painted brown bags!!!  Who knew that it would give me such a challenge!!!  First I fought with getting the colour of the bag.  I know that the problem there was the fact that I had toned my panel with transparent orange and it was greatly skewing what I thought I saw!  On my palette it appeared to have quite a warm cast leaning toward yellow tones, but once I put it down on the panel, it looked very different!  It appeared grey and cool.  I persevered  though and as I got more of the bag completed the colour appeared more true.  Of course that was not the only problem.  I kept losing the shape of my creases and ending up having to re-draw them about three times.  That little dark space between the persimmons was crazy to see with overlaps here there and everywhere!

But, it's done!!! I don't know about the colour of the bag.  I will re-recheck it again in the morning when I have good light.  I may end up adjusting it.

As for 19 and 20, I will attempt to get them done tomorrow!


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