Saturday, 11 January 2014

#10 of 30

"Peace Rose"
8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas
A number of years ago my children gave me three rose bushes for Mother's Day.  This is the only surviving one.  It's name is "Peace" and it has the most lovely yellow- orange glow when it is a bud, then as it opens out it has white leaves with the same golden glow at the base of the petals.

This painting was a bit of a departure for me.  Wait, let me re-phrase that . . . .this was a big departure for me!!!  I painted the whole thing with a # 4 brush.  I started with a wash of lovely transparent orange (thank you for turning me on to this colour Pidge.  It makes things glow!)  Then I started blocking in my colours and finished up with big strokes of juicy paint!  This one is definitely going to take a while to dry!!!

A third of the way there and still one behind.  I got side-tracked with a few other things today and didn't get to the second one that I had hoped to.


  1. Transparent orange? I haven't used this colour for such a long time. You're right it creates such a beautiful, rich glow. Time to get it back out again. Time to get the oils back out again.
    Wish I could see this painting in the flesh to observe the heavy application of paint that the photographic image cannot show me!
    Bravo, it's a beauty!

  2. Sharlene! You caught that beautiful inner glow roses have on a summer day. It's stunning!