Thursday, 23 January 2014

#23 of 30

"3 for $3.98"
8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

The other day I was at the grocery store to pick up a few things and I finally succumbed to the beautiful cheerful colours of the primulas that were lined up on the shelves outside.  Hmmm....what colours to buy . . .3 for $3.98  . . . I've been on a white kick lately, but no, they didn't have enough colour.    Yellow?  tempting but all of the blossoms on the yellow ones were tiny.  The purple with the yellow centres were a must have, there was a nice deep rose one with lots of babies waiting to bloom and these pink ones with lots of big flowers.

I had mixed feelings about the background on this one.  I had loosely toned the canvas with transparent orange and it was really tempting to just roughly sketch in the pot with paint and throw a splash of white on it and call it a day! I think that the primula itself would have definitely been the highlight.  I may try that another day.  Maybe with the purple primulas.