Friday, 24 January 2014

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"Lilacs on My Windowsill"
8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

In our backyard we have a beautiful, white lilac tree and in late May it is full with blooms.  I have always adored the smell and so I get out every vase that I have and fill them all with lilacs.  The fragrance is intoxicating and it fills the house for about a week.  This was one little vase that I had sitting on my windowsill last year.

This was an interesting experiment.  I have never painted lilacs before and wasn't quite sure how I was going to go about getting the effect.  I like to paint detail, BUT, I was not about to put every little lilac blossom in.  Unfortunately, the photograph isn't able to capture every little nuance in the shading, but I'm not displeased with the outcome.


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