Wednesday, 29 January 2014

#29 of 30

"Cedar Hill Water Lilies"
8" x 10" - Oil on Panel

As I've mentioned, I often walk around the track at the nearby golf course.  It's a really beautiful place with a couple of ponds and a little lake full of ducks at one end.  In the late spring one of the ponds is filled with fabulous water lilies.  At one end there is a patch of yellow water lilies and at the other end there is a huge patch of pink waterlilies.

The stems were was what fascinated me about this composition.  I love the way they twist and turn and move under the water.   I did start a larger painting of this last year at the Moss Street Paint-In, but I have I found it difficult to concentrate on the intricacies when speaking with so many people.  I have yet to pull it out and finish it, but now that I have done this little study, perhaps it will be easier.

Second to last painting!  What will I do with all of my time when this is done.

Thanks Colleen!


  1. Another stellar painting with an excellent composition. Quite right, the stems are a very integral part of this piece. I do really think your mastery of oils is serving you oh so very well.
    I shall be sad to see this challenge end. I have enjoyed a new work everyday and your thoughts behind and about it!