Wednesday, 8 January 2014

#7 of 30

"The Three Little Pears"
6" x 8" - Oil on Canvas
This is the seventh of my thirty paintings.  I needed to play catch up here and so decided to use a simpler subject matter and execute it in a more loose manner.  I gave myself one hour to complete it (mostly because I have to head off to work now).  

Sorry, I have not big long narrative to accompany this one.  They are "just" pears that I bought at the grocery store yesterday.  Yes, Alice, I heeded your advice!!!


  1. Good girl! And they are very beautiful!
    One of my most effective and prized (I had to keep it!) daily paintings is a pear and three cherries that I called STEM DANCE. I'll send you a jpeg.

  2. Thank you Pidge!!! I saw the .jpg on FB! It is a beauty. I adore all of the reds in the cherries. I think I need to find some subjects with those reds.

    1. Sarah Kidner, (Liz's former studio mate) gave me a few of her Fake cherries and I use them. Look for some authentic looking ones. There are so fun to put into all sorts of arrangements!

    2. When next you are here we will have to go and visit "Chintz & Company". They have FABulous fake fruit!