Tuesday, 7 January 2014

#6 of 30

"Little Green Bus" 
6" x 6" - Oil on Panel

Let me start by saying, "Blessings to the person that gave us Dioxazine Purple!  

Okay, I confess . . . .being behind is starting to get to me!  This is my first of the day and I'm planning on starting a second so that I don't begin week two under the gun!

I have always like Volkswagen vans, buses or whatever you call them! Are Westphalias the camperized ones?  I even like the sound they make when they are running.  I don't, however, enjoy being stuck behind one going up a big hill!   Anyhoo, on the next street over there is a green one.  You can't miss it!  I see it every time I leave my street, so one day I pulled out my phone and snapped a couple of photos.  There is another delicious purple one that lives down the end of Moss Street too!  I must get some photos before they move or something!!!

I told myself when I started this that I would just concentrate on the "big shapes" and I was pretty successful at that INITIALLY.  As you can see, it turned into more than just "big shapes".  I need to learn the "knowing when to quit thing".


  1. Wow! this is great Sharlene. The colours are fabulous... I just love the VW van. I'm sure I have seen this one around town. All your works for the 30 in 30 are terrific.

  2. Thanks Diana! I need to go check out your blog from today!

  3. SO GREAT!!! My guess is that's a 1975, I had a bug from that year and it was the same slime green, we called him Kermit, and Kermit was given to a nice boy a few years ago who wanted to fix it up, whenever Gerry left the house in it I was worried he may fall through the floorboards. Nice painting, Sharlene. I am enjoying the thoughts shared by the ones I know who are doing this challenge, seems we have similar responses to it, mostly that self demand to get another one done each day because, because..well just because we said we would. I better get going on my No. 7 now...just because...

    1. Your reply here makes me smile ... because we said we would! Fair enough ... I'm going to have a look at what you've been doing, Mary Ann.

  4. Thanks Mary Ann!
    LOL! Yes, I think we artists are all slightly a little off balance. Why in God's name would we desire to put this pressure on ourselves! Good luck with #7. My # 7 is started. Hopefully I'll be able to do two tomorrow. I know. . . .I keep saying that.