Wednesday, 8 January 2014

#8 of 30

"The Onion Conference"
8" x 8" - Oil on Canvas

Ta da!!!  It is January 8 and here is my eighth painting!!  I am all caught up!

I love painting onions and also garlic.  I enjoy all the crinkly textures in the gossamer skins and all the wonderful curly ques at the top of them.  And then there are the ever so fine ribs that help define their shapes.  It is just a bonus when you can find all three colours of them.  I know that here in Victoria, you can buy a mesh bag with all three colours.  And yes, it is the same cloth as the one in the "The Three Little Pears" and also "The Garlic Keeper".  What can I say . . . .it is a beautiful little neutral  linen number and I love the subtleties of the delicate green stripes that run through.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll go for something a little more bold.  Maybe haul out the Fiestaware again! 


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