Friday, 17 January 2014

#17 of 30

"Kissing Cousins"
8" x 10" - Oil on Canvas

This was one that I started and completed today.  

One day,  I think last summer, a friend of mine in Washington shared this stunning image and I asked her if she minded if I painted it.  She gave me permission and so, here it is.  I would still love to paint it in a much larger format, but this was a good study to let me understand what all the petals are doing, etc.   It was also a good challenge with regard to the colours.  I have not quite captured what is happening in the photograph.  The peony on the left, leans just a tiny bit more toward a yellow hue and the blossom on the right, while more blue in tone is a bit more vibrant in hue than mine.  Thank you very much Deb Salazar-Herbst for your generosity in allowing me to use your image!!

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  1. You have the petals down pat! They are lovely peonies, I agree a large format would be most impressive.