Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Canna #6 - "Waiting to Unfurl"


Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 30"

I'm very, very pleased to announce that the 6th in my series of canna paintings "Waiting to Unfurl" has been accepted into the Sooke Fine Arts Show!  There's always a bit of angst awaiting the jury's verdict!  The image that I used for this one had some really interesting colouring on some of the lower leaves.  Each painting has different challenges to deal with and a personality of it's own.

On another note, I have a whole new batch of canna lilies growing in pots on my deck again this year so I can have some new reference material to work from.  It took a little bit of looking around to find the Tropicana lilies (the ones with the purpley, burgundy leaves) but I found some!

The Sooke Fine Arts Show runs from July 25th - August 4th at Seaparc Leisure Centre in Sooke.  I hope that you can make it in to see the show.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, once again!
    A gal has to do what a gal has to do ... glad you sought out and secured some more of the Tropicana Lilies. Paint on, sister!

  2. Great painting Shar, and congrats on getting into the Sooke show!!!
    Ken : )

  3. Sharlene, your artwork is gobsmacking!! Your attention to detail is flawless and you capture the light so beautifully!! I'll be back to visit again!

  4. P.S. I just tried to follow you on Google Friend Connect and wasn't able to do so - not sure if it's a problem on your end or mine?

  5. SO much love this painting! The colour and depth knock me out. Glad I found your blog (through Alice Saltiel). Now I'm looking forward to your blog hop post!