Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tropical Leaves Series - Cannas #5

 "Canna #5 - Block In"

This is the start of the next painting in the Tropical Leaves Series.  A thin coat of red oxide and then sketched in with the same.

I should have taken a photo of the in-between stage.  It is an interesting stage to paint, albeit a little bit confusing to follow the shapes and make sure that they marry up with the correct leaves.  Then comes the fun part of adding the veining which in turn helps to give the leaves their shape.  Then comes the really exciting part when I start adjusting the temperature, picking out the highlights and knocking back the shadows.  It's what makes the painting sing!

I realize when painting this one that many of the colours in these paintings were colours that I used to gravitate to when I was a child.  My maps in socials class were always coloured with violet, orange, coral, lime green, yellow and peacock blue (I remember the name of that one!)  I guess some things just stay with you.  Anyway, here is the finished piece and I'm now eager to get on to the next one.  I'm on a roll here and I think another canna might be in order!

"Canna #5"
Acrylic on Canvas


  1. I'm going to repeat myself ...
    Each painting in this series (and any other series or painting that you do) just gets better. This one is like a rainbow maze. It engages your eyes and keeps them travelling in and out the "windows"! And the holes in the leaves just make more portals.
    This is SENSATIONAL painting!