Monday, 26 October 2015

Do Pigs Fly?

6" X 6" - Oil on Panel
$ 85

Day 11 -  I swear there must be pigs flying around out there today because I've been in the studio two days in a row! 

I must apologize for the slight bit of glare in the top right corner.  I took about a dozen different photos in various lighting arrangements and this was the best that I could achieve today.

The lovely little piece of crockery was found the local thrift store.  I purchased the sunflower on the way home from the dentist today and the maple leaves were collected on one of my walks.  I find sunflowers very interesting to paint and it always makes me happy to look at them. 


  1. Taking photos of wet oils is a challenge for me, I am trying to find what works best! Lovely sunflower! Makes me smile :)

  2. Loving your warm palette, with this sunflower painting (and the pears of course)
    Congratulations on two days in a row!