Monday, 7 October 2013

After the Challenge. . .

Half & Half - 8" x 10" - Oil on Canvas

I can't believe that it is already a whole week since the challenged finished.  I definitely needed a break and so did my studio.  It was an absolute disaster with panels, canvases and paints everywhere.  I'm usually pretty tidy and clean up after myself when I'm finished painting, but I found that the challenge really was a challenge.  Just carving out a few hours a day to paint was a challenge, let alone having to clean up after myself!

But, I was determined that after putting all of that effort into painting everyday, I was not going to go a whole week without pickingup the brush.  Artichokes have always intrigued me.  Apart from the fact that they taste yummy, they are so pretty inside.  I love the colours and the way the leaves wind around the choke.   Very fun to paint and it satisfies the Colour Pig in me!!  So here is my offering for this week and I already have plans for this week's painting!

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