Sunday, 8 March 2015

It's Been A Long Time Coming . . . .

"Caressed By the Sea"
30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

Today was the day . . . . the day when all who applied would hear the results of their application for signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists.  It is quite a process to get to the point where one can apply.  First you must be juried to Active Status so that you can enter Federation Shows.  Then the artist must have work accepted into eight different shows with eight different paintings within a period of four years.  All of the shows must be on the list of shows considered "qualifying" shows by the FCA and two of the shows must be at Federation Gallery.   Finally, when the artist has enough shows under their belt they can apply for signature status by submitting ten images, the application and delivering three original paintings to Federation Gallery in Vancouver.  On a specified day (today) the Board of Govenors (which is comprised of Senior Signature Members or SFCAs) meets and the jury process begins.  An artist must have a majority of votes from the Board of Governors to be awarded signature status.

I had enough chapter shows and other shows, but needed some Federation Gallery shows, so I submitted to three shows at the gallery earlier this year and was accepted into all three.  At that point, I had two original paintings but required a third one.  So, I decided to paint the painting above, "Caressed By the Sea".  It is another in my Driftwood series. The other two paintings I submitted were from my Tropical Leaves series.  I delivered my paintings, gave it up to the universe and then the wait began!   

I did pretty good at not obsessing about it. My good friend Alice, who is an SFCA herself, was visiting with her husband Billl and so we filled the days with painting, play and visiting.  They left last Saturday and I kept busy catching up on errands and yard work.  Today I went out and played in the garden and did a little retail therapy while waiting for the phone call.  It came at just after 4 o'clock this afternoon.  Thank you so much to the Board of Govenors who saw fit to award me my signature status!!!   I'm absolutely thrilled to pieces!